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My name is Aaron Mason.  I’m a freelance recording engineer/producer.  Not only do I record out of a professional studio (Blue Room), but I’m also completely mobile for “on-location” or live performance recording.  Please check out the site for more info and send me an email, I’m eager to work with you on your project.

– Aaron


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The new Failure and the new Florence + The Machine records are both pretty incredible. ... See MoreSee Less

I finally got to track a metal band last week. These kids were something else, the instruments were all one take all the way through, no editing, tracked and mixed in 7 hours. The vocals would've been tracked live too, but the singer had to play the bass too! Let me know what you think. ... See MoreSee Less

Metal | Rockville, MD

July 11, 2015 - Aaron Mason tracking drums with Ms. Fridrich. Photos by Roxplosion. Check out the Fisheye Lens! ... See MoreSee Less

Photos by Roxplosion